YC-backed AI sales platform FirstQuadrant acquires Flike

FirstQuadrant, a leading AI sales platform, is excited to announce its acquisition of Flike. This acquisition supports FirstQuadrant's mission to empower tech companies to achieve sustained, exponential growth through cutting-edge AI sales automation.

This strategic acquisition aligns with FirstQuadrant's commitment to fostering progress across the tech industry by leveraging cutting-edge AI. Both FirstQuadrant and Flike are backed by Y Combinator and focus heavily on large language models to power their applications.

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Empowering Your Journey

Flike is driven by the mission to empower your journey – be it in sales, startups, agencies, or for sales reps and account executives. We envision a world where every interaction is meaningful, every objection is an opportunity, and every message crafted is a step toward success.


Innovation Beyond Boundaries

Flike is built on a foundation of innovation beyond boundaries. We believe in pushing the limits of what's possible, ensuring that our solutions not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our commitment to innovation is what sets us apart.

Human-Centric Technology

Our AI-driven solutions are designed with a human touch. From crafting personalized follow-ups to providing deep insights into your conversations, Flike combines innovation with empathy. We believe that technology should enhance your unique style of communication.

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